My station

In 2012 we had the opportunity to build our house in the outskirts of the village. We live between meadows and have about 10,000 square meters of land, so that installation of antennas is possible. At the moment, the antenna farm consists of one 20 meter extendable mast containing a Steppir DB18e for 6 to 40 meters. For the lower bands, wire antennas are used.

The Steppir DB18e. The solarpanels (without optimizers) don’t cause any QRM.

The main station consists of an Elecraft K3s and a RF-Kit amplifier (RF2K-S). The morse key is a Begali Adventure but sometimes alternates with a Begali HST or Begali Janus. In the same shack I also run a Flex-radio 6300 that I can use as remote station, might I not be at home and interesting DX shows up. The remote station uses three Remoterig RC-1216H boxes to control the antenna, rotator (Alfa Spid Rak) and a SPE Expert 1.3 amplifier.